Miami Beach police say they found a gun in the car of the man they shot more than 100 times on Memorial Day – two-and-a-hallf days after the actual shooting.

Chief Carlos Noriega said the gun was out of sight, which is why police did not find it until 7 p.m. Wednesday even though the shooting occurred at 4 a.m. Monday.

Perhaps police will find spent shell casings by this weekend.

Discovery of the gun was described as “great news” by Noriega, who said they still haven’t determined if it had been fired or not.

According to the Miami Herald, police were first concerned about “processing the crimes scenes and on talking to witnesses” before they felt it necessary to conduct a thorough search of the vehicle.

Meanwhile, the man they killed has been identified as 22-year-old Raymond Herisse, a Palm Beach County man with a long felony record, including 14 arrests since 2007, mostly involving drugs, driving without a valid license and missing court dates.

Another Palm Beach County man, Narces Benoit, said he recorded the shooting incident on his cell phone, but a police officer ran up to him, snatched the phone out of his hand, knocked him to the ground, then smashed the phone to the ground.