Miami Beach police confiscated the camera of a Local 10 news videographer during the chaotic moments after they shot and killed a man on Memorial Day, making that at least two cameras they seized after the controversial shooting.

The incident was caught on video and shows the officer gave no warning or explanation – other than there was a shooter in the area – as if confiscating the camera would somehow protect the videographer from gunfire.

The confiscation begins at 2:00 in this video and shows the officer seizing Jason Ely’s camera before tossing it in his trunk.

Police returned the camera later that morning, most likely because they knew Local 10 would have made an issue about it.

But this further confirms Narces Benoit’s allegations that police were confiscating many more cameras than his own.

Police do not have a legal right to confiscate your camera unless it was used in the commission of a crime, such as child pornography or upskirting.