Neil Kremer, a photographer based in Los Angeles, was confronted by a security guard in a public park across Union Station because he had “a professional camera.”

Kremer, who takes HDR photos, told his story on Flickr and HDR Photog.

This is how he describes the exchange:

“hey man, do you have a permit to take pictures here?”  

I replied, no, it’s a public park.  “
Sorry sir, you must leave, no pictures allowed”

What about all of those people over there, they’re all taking pictures with their 8MP

phones and their 16MP Nikon D700 cameras.

“yes but no pictures with a professional camera”

What makes my camera professional sir?

“The tripod and the camera, it’s big.”

It is not clear if Kremer knew his rights or not but he packed up and left.

But he did post The Ten Legal Commandments of Photography on this Flickr page, so he is probably now well aware of his rights.