Photography is no longer a crime in Spokane County, Washington.

At least according to the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office, which removed a reference to photography as “suspicious activity” on its website Wednesday – two days after Photography is Not a Crime reported the matter.

Several PINAC readers contacted the sheriff’s office as well as reported themselves as suspects by filling out the form.

The story was also picked up by several other photography and activist sites.

And Mickey Osterreicher, attorney for the National Press Photographers Association, also fired off a letter to the agency.

A Spokane TV news station was also looking into the matter, according to a PINAC commenter Kai Eiselein who said he was contacted for an interview. But as of this time, it doesn’t appear they have published anything.

Although photography was removed from actual crimes such as “physical intrusion”, “theft” and “cyber attack”, the Spokane Sheriff’s Office still lists “Survellance/Observation (SIC)” as suspicious activity, which means photographers can still be reported.

However, credit must be given to the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office for removing the initial reference to photography.

Good job, guys!