First, Philadelphia police ordered a man down at gunpoint because he was openly carrying a pistol, which is not against the law in the City of Brotherly Love as long as you have a concealed weapons permit, which Mark Fiorino did.

Then, after more than five minutes of berating and threatening Fiorino, they discovered was audio-recording the entire exchange, which also is legal.

However, they told him he was breaking the law for that as well.

After detaining him for 40 minutes, they discovered that he had not been breaking the law, so they let him go.

Fiorino ended up uploading the audio clip to Youtube – which again is not against the law – and that’s when the cops arrested him.

If this sounds familiar, it is not any different than the case of Anthony Graber, who was arrested on wiretapping charges in Maryland only after he posted the video of a cop pulling a gun on him at a traffic stop.

But Fiorino was arrested for reckless endangerment and disorderly conduct instead – two months after the actual incident.

Police say he committed a crime because he intentionally set them up to act like complete thugs who have no clues of the laws they’re supposed to enforce.

He goes to trial in July, according to the Philadelphia News.