The Maui County District Attorney has issued a subpoena against a newspaper publisher, demanding he hand over indentifying information of online commenters who were critical of a police officer caught in the above video assaulting the publisher.

Maui Time publisher Tommy Russo – who apparently was served the subpoena on Tuesday – was involved in an altercation with the officer last month as well as with a Dog the Bounty Hunter security guard after Russo refused to stop videotaping them.

There is not much information on the web at this point about the subpoena, except an article in the Hawaii Independent that was posted late last night, but if this is true, then the district attorney is overreaching in its investigation because the commenters had nothing to do with the actual incident.

In fact, if the district attorney’s office had any sense of ethics, it would file charges of assault against the police officer as well as charges of assault and theft against the security guard.

The Independent reported that the Association of Alternative Weeklies will be protesting the subpoena, although nothing about that appears on its site at this moment.


According to Blog of New Orleans, the subpoena seeks to find the identity of one commenter who left the following comment.

nothing new here

 April 15, 2011 | 04:02 AM

the MPD,, the ONLY reason I own a LARGE CALIBRE, high powered rifle.

who needs criminals with this bunch of dog eating public menances running around.

Johnson needs a bullet when he walks out his door.

Federal Reserve

As a guy who has been running this blog for more than four years, I’ve seen a fair share of bravado-laden comments, which come from people talking out of their asses.

This is no different. The real crimes were caught on camera. How come they are not being prosecuted?