Las Vegas police continue to harass, intimidate and threaten citizens who dare videotape them in public.

Last month we saw the video of a Las Vegas cop beating a man who continued to videotape him.

And now here’s a video of cops ordering a woman to turn off her camera.

The woman, who goes by TgrLilGzz on Youtube, said she was handcuffed for 56 minutes before she was released with no charges.

In the video, two cops have pulled over a woman for unknown reasons as TgrLilGzz begins recording the traffic stop.

One of the cops steps out of the passenger side of the police car and begins dealing with the woman he pulled over, ignoring TgrLilGzz, who is standing well away from the investigation.

Meanwhile, the cop in the driver’s side points out TgrLilGzz to the other cop, who then turns to her and asks, “Can I help you?

“I’m just being an observant citizen,” TgrLilGzz tells him.

“This doesn’t pertain to you at all. I need you to mind your own business,” the cop tells her.

“But sir, this is my business, this is my community,” she tells him.

This causes the cop who was in the driver’s seat to begin ordering her to stop recording.

“Do me a favor, put your camera down. Put your camera down now.

Both cops walk towards her in an aggressive manner reaching for what could be their guns, Tasers or handcuffs.

The woman stops recording.

This is how she described the incident on Youtube:

I was lawfully walking my dog. Leash in one hand, video in the other when two officer lunged toward me and cuffed me for 56 minutes. No charges, no ticket. Just a show of force and domination over me.

UPDATE: While it is not clear from the above video, another video TgrLilGzz posted from the incident after she was detained indicates she was openly carrying a firearm – which is legal in Nevada.

But in the above video, police seemed very concerned about her camera, not her gun.