Four people were arrested at Denver International Airport Saturday, including a man who was videotaping a Transportation Security Administration checkpoint line.

The man was videotaping the three other suspects, two men and a woman, who were trying to walk through the checkpoint.

The two men in the checkpoint did not have identifications or boarding passes.

According to the Denver Post:

Jackson said the four were arrested on suspicion of interfering with a transportation facility, though he said detectives are still trying to determine what exactly they were up to. He said investigators haven’t been able to determine the identities of the men without boarding passes.

As mentioned previous times on this site, TSA has stated that it is not illegal to videotape checkpoints. I’ve proven that a couple of times myself at Miami International Airport.

And it has also been determined that it is not legally required to carry an identification while walking through a checkpoint.

Obviously, you would need a boarding pass to get through the checkpoint, but is it a crime to attempt to walk through a checkpoint without one?