A San Diego police officer was struggling with a drunken spectator at Qualcomm Stadium when he smashed the man’s face hard into the ground.

A witness captured the incident on a cell phone video camera.

David Rangel ended up with a bloodied face and stitches. 

The incident took place Tuesday night during a heated soccer match between Mexico and Venezuala, according to a San Diego news station.

Wearing a Mexican shirt, Rangel, who admittedly was intoxicated, was getting thrown out by security for allegedly throwing things. He did not want to leave.

A struggle ensued between him and an officer. Another struggled ensued between another Mexico fan and a second police officer.

The video shows the two pairs of men wrestling on the ground with the officers.

It then shows one of the officers grasping Rangel in a chokehold. Then it shows that officer grasping Rangel by the back of his head and slamming his face hard into the hard ground.

The struggle comes to a stop as Rangel is placed in handcuffs.

San Diego police have defended the officer, but say they are “investigating” which means they are trying to appease their critics while doing nothing.

Rangel was charged with public intoxication, resisting arrest and battery on a police officer.