Here’s a case where Taser guns proved to be ineffective, prompting a suspect to openly mock police as they discharged thousands of volts of electricity into his body during a baseball game at PNC Park in Pittsburgh.

That left the officer no choice but to pull out his baton and strike the man several times.

But even then, that didn’t do much to faze him.

The man at one point seemed to push the baton away, but then walked off, prompting the officers to follow him and take him down where they handcuffed him.

Other than a slight push against the baton – after he was struck at least three times – the man did not appear to be resisting.

It is not clear from the video what the man did to merit such a beating. He was getting kicked out of the game for some reason, but was walking out on his own with police behind him.

He walked down the stairs and a fan tried to high-five him, but a security guard felt the need to prevent this from happening, so he pushed the other fan away.

That prompted the man being led out to elbow the security guard. And this is what led to the Tasering.

The video was shot by a Pittsburgh Pirates fan who runs the blog Counting Baseballs.

Read his description of the incident here.