A Pennsylvania man was forced to delete his images after he took pictures of a nuclear power plant from a public road.

Chris Best had stopped his SUV on the side of the road to take the pictures of a PPL plant in Salem Township last month. He walked a few feet from his car before a security guard pulled up in a car on the other side of the fence and yelled at him to stop taking photos.

The security guard then ordered him to stay put while he called police.

A Pennsylvania state trooper pulled up to the scene and began questioning Best, his wife, two kids and mother-in-law, writing down their names and dates of births.

The cop allowed him to drive off, but soon pulled him over and ordered him to delete the photos, stating that PPL insisted upon this.

Best did as he was told, deleting about 10 photos on his point-and-shoot camera as the cop stood over him.

The article came out in the Press-Enterprise, a local newspaper that requires readers to register and pay money before they can read the stories online.

But a Photography is Not a Crime reader sent me pictures of the actual front page newspaper article, which will be sure to create a stir among certain PINAC readers who will complain about me committing copyright violations.

A PPL spokesman stated that they never demanded Best delete the photos, they only asked him to do so.

With the help of an armed cop, of course.