Remember that New York politician who was convicted for chasing down and attacking a photojournalist who was trying to photograph him?

Remember how he was facing up to two years in prison for his crime?

Remember how we all swore he would receive the maximum penalty allowed?

Actually, we all were pretty convinced he wouldn’t serve a day in prison.

And we were right.

State Senator Kevin Parker, a democrat, received three years probation Monday.

Not a bad deal considering he was initially charged with felony assault, only for the charges to be downgraded to criminal mischief.

Prosecutors were hoping he would serve 30 days.

According to the New York Times:

According to a sentencing memorandum, the episode occurred nearly two years ago when Mr. Lopez photographed Mr. Parker outside his home on Avenue H in East Flatbush. The senator then chased the photographer down the street, prosecutors said, before giving up the pursuit and sitting on the hood of Mr. Lopez’s car to await his return.

 As Mr. Lopez got in the car, the memorandum said, Mr. Parker grabbed a door, stopped it from closing and damaged the door panel. He also damaged Mr. Lopez’s camera and flash while trying unsuccessfully to wrestle away the equipment.

“The struggle over the camera continued inside the car and ultimately ended on the sidewalk next to the car,” according to the memorandum. “Mr. Lopez suffered a fractured finger during the melee.”