An man with a weird hairstyle assaulted a photograprapher who photographed him on a public street.

The incident occurred this week in Austin where I had been until Tuesday at the SXSW conference, according to the Austin American-Statesman.

The photographer told police he was taking pictures of anything that is “remotely interesting or unusual” when he came across 19-year-old Johnathan Washburn, who has a triple mohawk.

Washburn’s friend, Timothy Beard, ordered the photographer to delete the photo. The photographer refused.

That was when Beard swiped the photographer’s Oakley sunglasses. When the photographer tried to get his sunglasses back, Washburn allegedly smacked him with a skateboard.

Not the brightest bunch, the two men were later found sitting in a bar on 6th St., which is the prime party spot in Austin. Beard was wearing the photographer’s sunglasses.

The were both arrested on the spot.

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