Our friends over at Cop Block created an interactive map of the United States, listing where people have been harassed, detained or arrested for photography.

The map, listing incidents from 2007 to the present, currently lists more than 60 incidents, which seems like a fraction of the incidents that actually occurred.

But the creator of the map, Dr. Q, acknowledges that it is a work in progress, meaning there is much more to add.

Just to be clear, this map is absolutely not intended to be comprehensive. In fact, I am already aware of a number of events that have yet to be posted, but I decided to release the project in it’s current state since it is intended to be a perpetual work-in-progress. I will continue working on getting these events on the map and attempting to track down new ones. If you would like to tell me about an incident that I missed, check the project page for information about how to do so.

He has gone into great detail with each incident, listing them by address, date, type of incident and source for information, including much of it from Photography is Not a Crime.

The map was inspired by the interactive map listing botched police raids created by the Cato Institute.

He’s actually done what I’ve always wanted to do, but had no time to do.

So hat’s off to Dr. Q and Cop Block for their efforts.