A videotape that shows several Houston police officers viciously punching and kicking a burglary suspect who had clearly surrendered has been released – despite vigorous attempts by a federal judge, district attorney, city mayor and police chief to block its release.

The video was obtained by ABC Eyewitness 13 after nine months of attempts.

Four officers have been criminally charged in the incident that took place last March in which a teen named Chad Holley was struck by a police car during a foot pursuit after he was burglarizing a home with three others.

Holley can be seen placing his hands behind his head, then his back as he is laying on his stomach. Instead of handcuffing him, the officers storm up to him and kick and punch him repeatedly.

The officers are being charged with misdemeanor oppression instead of felony assault.

Holley, who was 15 at the time, was convicted of burglary last year.