Uniformed Secret Service agents on bicycles detained a man for taking photos in front of the White House earlier today.

Jeff Costlow of Northern Virginia does an excellent job handling a group of overbearing law enforcement officers who say he is acting “suspicious” for photographing them.

The video is 14 minutes long, but is worth watching the entire clip because the officers never stop trying to violate his Constitutional rights as he does an excellent job defending them.

At one point, they ask him to remove his sunglasses, so they can photograph him, which is the epitome of irony.

He responds by telling them to remove their sunglasses. One of them actually does.

They continue to tell him he has no right to take their photograph against their wishes and he responds by saying:

“Unfortunately, it’s not up to you if somebody takes your photograph. And if you don’t know that, then maybe this job isn’t the right job for you.”

He also refuses to allow them to pat him down or to search his bag.

He even refuses to explain why he was taking photos.

He did give the officers his identification, even though he knew he didn’t have to, and they wrote down his information, informing him that they will be paying him a visit soon.

A visit? For taking photographs? Is this what we’re paying these cops to do?

At one point in the video when the officers were refusing to return his license, Costlow dials a number on his cell phone, telling the officers he was calling a cop.

He actually called Jerome Vorus, who might be the most mentioned photographer on Photography is Not a Crime.

This is how Costlow describes it on Facebook:

that was a trick i did.. i called a friend and a fellow activist. I said i was gonna get a real policer officer on the phone, i called someone who i could talk to who needed to know what was going on but i could sound like i had not only a… police officer on the line but a good friend too. i could take a casual approach to the call while making another activist aware of my situation, if they thought my friend was a cop thats their issue and i definitely wasnt gonna say i was calling a lawyer. i hope they see my video tonight and see themselves acting stupid, i’m sure plenty will think i was the stupid one, ive been called stupid my entire life and i’m stupid for protecting myself then so be it, i’m ok with that! lol i should have told them i was doing a documentary about mentally challenged cops and that i figured DC would be a great place to start.

This one should get interesting.