I’m beginning to think cops are trained to yell “stop resisting” when making arrests, even though the suspect might not necessarily be resisting.

In my 2007 arrest, the cops yelled at me to stop resisting, even though all I was doing was verbally protesting.

One cop told me, “if you don’t shut up, I’m going to tase you.”

They ended up charging me resisting arrest, but I did no such thing. I was being swarmed by five officers and I knew they would beat my ass at the slightest hint of physical provocation. I may be stubborn, but I’m not stupid.

Last month, when voluntaryist activist Pete Eyre was arrested for wearing a cap inside a courtroom, he was also told to stop resisting, even though he became extremely passive. And he was also charged with resisting arrest.

So I can’t help but be skeptical in the latest police abuse video incident taking the internet by storm where a group of cops can be seen piling on top of a Rutgers University student.

The video was shot by a witness standing a perch above the scene, according to the New York Daily News.

One of the cops yells at him to “stop resisting,” then proceeds to punch him several times.

The video is dark and it’s not clear if the student is resisting; at least to the point where he deserves to be punched.

You would think five cops would be able to handcuff him without resorting to punching him.

The student, Elliot Marx, 20, was charged with resisting arrest, obstruction, aggravated assault and having a fake identification.

Police said he jumped on an officer’s back, but that is not included in the video.

The incident occurred Saturday morning in New Brunswick after a parking lot fight involving 50 people.

Too bad that part is not included in the video because that may be fun to watch.