Family members of a man gunned down in front of an IHOP restaurant violently attacked a Fox News crew in Sacramento early Sunday morning.

The family members were gathered on a sidewalk outside the International House of Pancakes where they were setting up a memorial for Chester Jackson, the 27-year-old man who was murdered.

When Fox 40 News reporter John Lobertini and camerawoman Rebecca Little approached the family for interviews – which is standard fare when somebody gets murdered outside a public restaurant – they were quickly attacked.

The top video shows the perspective from Little’s camera. The bottom video shows the perspective from the camera of another news team.

Here is a New York Daily News article on the incident.

One woman pulled Little’s hair and dragged her down on the ground. A few others threw punches at Lobertini as they chased him away.

The irony is that the news crew was trying to give the family a chance to humanize the victim; an opportunity to allow viewers to see Jackson as more than just another crime figure.

But now his violent murder will be overshadowed by the violence his family displayed.