Photography is Not a Crime readers have done a tremendous job of helping me run this site by constantly sending me tips, stories and videos pertaining to photographers’ rights.

Every once in a while, some slip under my radar because I’m busy when I receive it, so I file it away, intending to get to it later and then I just get more tips and unintentionally forget about the prior tip.

Today, a reader named Tom McElvy  mentioned that I had snubbed his video. Sometimes I do choose not to post a video if I don’t find it particularly interesting.

But I usually always post videos where there is a confrontation of an authority figure against a videographer over the right to shoot in a public place.

In this video, Tom evidently has a history of being harassed by Wackenhut security guards in front of a Bank of America building in Norfolk, Virginia.

He does a good job of documenting the interaction as well as assertively standing up for his rights.

The incident took place last September, but it is still worth a view because we can learn from Tom how to handle these situations.