I’ve been pretty much off my computer these last two days, traveling through various Colombian mountain towns, spending time with family and taking excellent photos and videos.

Tonight, I am dead-tired and was planning on calling it an early night because I have to wake up early to visit some Colombian salt mines.

But after viewing Phil Mocek’s video that got him arrested at a Transportation Security Administration checkpoint, my blood is boiling.

Even though I had reported on the story in 2009 when it first happened and I reported on it last week when he was cleared of all charges, I had not seen the video until tonight.

The arrogance. The insolence. The ignorance dispalyed by the Albuquerque police officers and TSA officials is infuriating.

One of these assholes even reached out to grab Mocek’s camera.

Another asshole claims that he was violating TSA’s rules and regulations by shooting video.

And another asshole claims you are not allowed to shoot video because it is a federal checkpoint.

The assholes were named in an Infowars article:

Visible and audible in the airport video are Mocek, Albuquerque Airport Police Department officers Robert F. “Bobby” Dilley (badge number 116), Landrow “Wiggy” Wiggins (badge number 137), and Julio A. De La Peña (badge number 135), and TSA staff LTSO Jonathon Breedon, TSM Gerald Romero, STSO Anthony M. Schreiner, Greg Martinez, and BDO Laura Moots.

Mocek’s case is important because he is the first person to openly test the TSA policy on photography and it got him arrested.

A jury last week acquitted him of the charges of disorderly conduct and concealing his identity.

But I suspect there are many more TSA officials and police officers who are still clueless about our rights to videotape the checkpoint areas in airports.

So we need to continue testing the system to educate them because they are obviously not being trained by their superiors (and our tax dollars).

I’ll be sure to have my video camera handy when I return from Colombia this Sunday. And God help the asshole who tries to prevent me from videotaping