I got back from Colombia late last night and I know I have a lot to catch up on.

The first video that needs to be posted was recorded in Wildwood, New Jersey last year, but it’s only coming to light now.

Wildwood police were harassing a man on a boardwalk for wearing the words “Fuck, I’m Lemne” on a t-shirt, which is a First Amendment violation in itself.

“Put the camera away or I’m going to throw it on the ground,” one cop threatens.

The man with the camera continues recording, defending his right to videotape in public.

The cop then tells him to “get out of here because you’re interfering with my investigation,” which is complete bullshit because the videographer was standing several yards from where they were harassing the man with the profane t-shirt.

The cop goes back to harassing the man with the shirt and the man continues recording. A little over a minute later, a couple of other cops walk up to him and begin threatening him.

“Put it away, you’re going to be locked up for disobeying a police officer if you don’t put it away,” one of the new arriving cops tells him.

The man finally turns the camera off.

The cops in the video who made the threats are clearly identifiable. They need to lose their jobs.