Adam Mueller’s trial for videotaping police officers in Jones County, Mississippi resulted in a hung jury last week, which means the district attorney can still refile the charges of disorderly conduct.

While some jurors and deputies believe that videotaping deputies in public is a crime, Mueller’s friend Pete Eyre was allowed to videotape the deputies’ testimonies inside the courtroom, making one wonder if the two jurors who voted to convict Mueller were asleep during the trial.

Deputies James Atkins and Abraham McKenzie testified that they thought it was very “unusual” for a citizen to be videotaping a traffic stop.

Atkins testifed that even feared the camera could be some type of weapon.

And McKenzie, who made the arrest, testified that he believed the situation could turn “dangerous” if he didn’t handcuff Mueller immediately.

Under an excellent cross examination by Mueller, McKenzie testified that he ordered him to stop videotaping for “safety purposes” – even though he admitted that Mueller wasn’t breaking the law. 

Mueller:  “By your knowledge, I wasn’t breaking the law.” 

McKenzie: “No sir.” 

Mueller: “So why would you place me in handcuffs and take my camera.” 

McKenzie: “For safety purposes for my fellow officers, for myself and anybody else on the scene.”

Mueller: “What did you tell me to turn off?”

McKenzie: “Your camera.”

Mueller: “Is that a lawful request?”

McKenzie: “Yes, if I feel like my fellow deputies or myself or anybody else is in danger, it sure is.”

Mueller: “Why did you feel you were in danger?”

McKenzie: “Because there are many things in distractionary devices that get his attention on you for something to happen to him.” (Huh?)

Mueller, who is one of the main contributors of Cop Block, is asking readers to call the district attorney and demand the charges against him be dropped.

I’m asking that those who believe I’m innocent of the states charges to call Wayne Thompson, ask him to drop my charges. 
Wayne Thompson – DA Jones County, Mississippi. 601.426.0056