An activist and a videographer who were assaulted outside the Hawaii state capital earlier this year have filed a lawsuit.

The incident occurred on April 29 when activist Mitch Kahle began protesting against a public prayer inside the capital by shouting that it was unconstitutional.

A group of security guards and police officers grabbed him and dragged him outside as videographer Kevin Hughes followed them with his camera.

Once outside as a group of men piled on top of Kahle, another man took a swipe at Hughes’ camera.

One man can be heard saying “get that camera.”

There appears to be quite a struggle, then a woman can be heard saying, “I’m going to take the camera and I’m going to put it away.”

The man who punched the camera has been identified as Senate Sergeant at Arms, Bienvenido Villaflor, a former professional boxer, according to Hawaii News Now.

“When you put somebody with the training of Mr. Villaflor, who has a violent skill, and put him in charge of security, without the right training, it’s a recipe for disaster,” plaintiff’s attorney James Bickerton said.

“The lasting effect for me, is now the understanding that I might be attacked when I go to the capitol to exercise my first amendment rights, for whatever reason that I might be there,” Kahle said.

Attorney Bickerton says the photographer is still recovering from his physical injuries and suffers from