Horrifying stories of passengers being humiliated by Transportation Security Administration officials have been surfacing daily since the introduction of the see-through body scanners this month, including a man who was left covered in his own urine and a woman who was forced to remove her prosthesis breast during a pat-down.

Now a video has emerged that shows TSA officials virtually strip-searching a young boy in full view of the public.

It is not clear where the incident took place, but the video was uploaded to Youtube today.

It shows a boy who appears to be less than ten years old with his shirt removed while a male TSA official runs his fingers up and down his legs as well as inside the waistband of his pants.

The child is eventually allowed to put his shirt back on and continue towards his flight and we are all safer because of it.

Or are we?

Most Americans seem to believe so, according to a recent CBS poll which indicates that 81 percent of Americans don’t mind having their private parts recorded, displayed and scrutinized by TSA officials or at least have the option to have these same TSA officials fondle their privates.

These numbers are bound to change after the Thanksgiving weekend, especially November 24, the day before Thanksgiving when several groups are planning a National Opt Out Day.

Especially when they see their own children being strip searched for weapons of mass destruction.