Gerritsen Beach, a Brooklyn community that is used to sweeping its problems under the carpet, is now grappling with the fact that the world knows it is raising derelict kids.

And rather than dealing with the kids, it is blaming the blogger responsible for informing the rest of us that a horde of a teens wreaked havoc on Halloween by pelting people and cars with eggs, potatoes and rocks.

Perhaps these are simple teen shenanigans they will eventually grow out of, but is that any reason to accuse the blogger of pedophilia?

Of course not, but parents of the kids not only do that, they also threaten Daniel Cavanagh with arrest if he continues to photograph their kids in public as they did in a community meeting earlier this week.

One mother said she even spoke to “a lawyer and cyber police” – whoever the hell they are – and learned that Cavanagh broke the law by reposting screenshots of the teens’ Facebook pages where they admitted to destroying public property.

The three above videos are entertaining and shed light on a community that has yet to accept the impact of social media in the modern world.

Be sure to check out the third video when residents discover there is an actual reporter in the room videotaping the meeting. Then five minutes into that clip, one of the residents storms out while accusing one of the community leaders of setting this all up, meaning inviting the media to record the meeting.

The videos were recorded by Sheepshead Bites, a blog that normally covers a neighboring Brooklyn community.