First, Constable Adam Josephs threatened to arrest a young woman for blowing bubbles in his direction during the G20 protest in Toronto earlier this year.

Now he is threatening to sue Youtube for “ridicule” over a series of cartoon videos that have been posted mocking his overly aggressive demeanor.

Josephs, who towers over his fellow officers, is asking for $1.2 million.

Apparently, someone blew something a little stronger in his direction than bubbles because he has clearly lost all sense of reality.

According to The Globe and Mail:

In his statement of claim, Constable Josephs alleges the cartoons have subjected him to ridicule, and have resulted in threats against himself and his family. He also seeks to compel YouTube to reveal the identities of the person who created and posted the cartoon – identified by the moniker “ThePMOCanada” – and the identities of several people who posted comments in response.

On Friday, his lawyer said the lawsuit was in its preliminary stages and he was still in discussions with YouTube to resolve it.

“This level of ridicule goes beyond what is reasonable,” James Zibarras said. “The reason we brought the lawsuit is that people have the right to protect themselves against this kind of harassment.”

The animations in question depict a policeman identified as “A. Josephs” arresting various people – including Barack Obama and Santa Claus – and beating up a news photographer while funk music plays in the background.

One of the defendants in the suit, a Canadian man named Todd Mara who left a comment under a username, is profiled in this piece by The Star.
While the original Youtube account broadcasting the cartoon videos has since been shut down, the videos can be seen on another Youtube channel titled MisterOfficerBubbles.

A Facebook page titled Officer Bubbles McButtHurt has also been created in his honor. As of this writing, it has 534 people who follow it.
The woman in the original video was eventually arrested although it is not clear if it was for the bubbles or for some other unrelated non-violent, non-criminal act.

Below is one of the cartoon videos showing Mister Officer Bubbles beating up a photographer.