Police in Iowa fired at a photojournalist who was pointing out the real suspect to them.

The real suspect – who was not even armed – was eventually tased and arrested for allegeldy throwing rocks through the windows of the KCCI news studios in Des Moines.

Suspect Jessie Parrish supposedly matched the description of KCCI photojournalist Spencer Vaughn, who was on the phone to dispatch when police pulled up.

Vaughn pointed towards Parrish while holding the phone to his ear, which caused Des Moines Police Officer Cody Grimes to fear for his life.

Grimes responded by shooting towards Vaughn, but missing. The bullet stuck a light pole instead.

Vaughn and Parrish are both white men with short, dark hair. And so is Grimes for that matter, judging by the pictures included in the Des Moines Register’s article.

Grimes was placed on paid administrative leave while police investigate the matter.