A surveillance video that allegedly shows a group of Houston police officers severely beating a 15-year-old suspect will not be released to the public, despite persistent requests from local media stations and newspapers.

U.S. District Judge Ewing Werlein Jr. barred the release of the video because “in all likelihood it will repeatedly be streamed on television and the Internet into every home and venue, seen by millions of persons, and become the subject of pervasive opinioned commentary.”

So what?

The final decision lies with the jury anyway, which will get to see the video. To say they are incapable of reaching an objective decision despite media commentary is saying they are incabable of serving on a jury in the first place.

The beating was apparently so severe that the seven officers involved were fired, instead of placed on paid administrative leave as is customary in these cases.

One of the officers is accused of running him over with a squad car. The officers then pounced on him and kicked and hit him repeatedly, which is being compared to the Rodney King incident by those who have seen it.

Four of those officers are now facing misdemeanor charges. If the video is as inflammatory as the judge confirms, then it is likely they should be facing felony charges.

And maybe that’s the real reason the video is not being released.