Anybody who knows anything about law enforcement knows that Hollywood regularly gets it wrong when it comes to cop shows.

So we shouldn’t be surprised that the latest South Florida cop show, The Glades, is no exception.

However, when they get it wrong about something as important as photographers’ rights, I am going to have to call them on it.

In the latest episode titled “Exposed,” the main cop character confiscates the camera from a photojournalist not just once but twice.

In real life, the cop would need a subpoena to confiscate the camera unless the camera had been used in a commission of a crime, such as pedophilia or upskirting.

Even if the camera contains evidence that may assist cops in an investigation, they would still need to obtain a subpoena before confiscating your camera.

The first time the cop confiscates the camera comes in at a little after seven minutes into part one, which you can see here.

The cop is asking the photographer questions because he happened to photograph a woman as she died the night before.

The cop is asking for his sources, which prompts the photographer to inform him that sources are protected under the shield law.

The cop then grabs the photographer’s camera and walks away, telling him, “sources are protected, photos aren’t.”

The second time the cop confiscates the camera comes in at 6:17 into part two when he demands it for “evidence.”

The sad truth is that this cop didn’t act any different than many cops in real life. But any photojournalist worth his lenses would not be such a pushover as the guy in this show.

And you shouldn’t be either, even if you are just an amatuer shooting for fun.

After all, the only way cops are going to learn how to respect our rights as photographers is if enough of us educate ourselves so we can educate them when the time comes.