Barry Cooper, a former star narcotics officers turned pro-marijuana activist and internet salesman, will be selling a dashboard camera that can be installed in your car to protect you from cops during traffic stops.

The camera, which will conveniently be available a month before Christmas, seems like it captures high quality video and audio.

And it apparently can be rotated 360 degrees to capture what is going on in front of you as well as inside the car.

But there is one caveat.

He is asking buyers to upload the videos they shoot to his website so he can offer his “personal analysis.” 

Personally, I’d rather have those videos uploaded to Youtube or any othe site, then to my site where we can all offer our personal analysis.

But maybe this is just a suggestion and the video would not be built in a manner where we would have to depend on his site to upload it.

Because if that’s the case, then the camera will be restrictive and possibly worthless.

At least one commenter on the Boing Boing article stated that he didn’t trust Cooper because he had a “douchey sleazy used car salesman vibe” – among other issues.

There’s something about that guy that just rubs me the wrong way… He’s got this douchey sleazy used car salesman vibe, selling mail order dvd’s and cheap chinese webcams.. It’s all so gimmicky. It just seems like he’s in it to make a buck, not actually giving any really useful advice, not having a whole lot of knowledge on the subject, just saying over and over again “I used to be a cop”.

Apparently he’s a bit of a sleazeball with his business practices too… A legitimate educated marijuana activist gave a negative review of his DVD’s, to which he threatened lawsuits.

That comment prompted Cooper to respond with his own comment, stating he is nothing but  a hard-working family man on the verge of becoming a Hollywood star, even if he does have an annoying habit of spelling cops with the letter k:

I can tell you don’t know me. There is a reason Bret Ratner in Hollywood is making a movie about my life. I have an Internet reality show called KopBusters where I bust crooked kops and our first sting resulted in Yolanda Madden being freed from federal prison. I’ve been retained as an expert witness regarding police misconduct 6 times and won all 6 cases for my clients. I have 3 cases pending. I just flew back from Florida after teaching two large lawyer conferences. Judge Napolitano recently endorsed my KopBusting efforts on FOX news. The advice I give in my video series, NeverGetBusted, has saved thousands of people from going to jail. Go get this issue of SKUNK magazine. I’m featured in it. I speak with the owners of Cannabis Culture Magazine, Marc and Jodie at least once a week.

Loretta Nall is the lady who wrote that bad review four years ago and it’s the only bad review out of more than 50. That should tell you something about her review.

I have four kids. Two of my daughters are in college at the ages of 14 and 18.

I’m not those things you say I am.

What have you done for the movement?  

So Cooper, if you happen to read this, please send us a picture of the camera because I did not find it on your site and please tell us if we can just upload the videos to our own sites for our own personal analysis. 

Most of us on this site haven’t been cops, but we’ve seen enough videos where we can make a pretty accurate determination ourselves.

Plus, we have Johnny Law who would be more than happy to give us his professional police analysis of the video.

Below is a picture of Cooper duking it out with a pig. I guess he’s trying to tell us something.