A college student was tackled and handcuffed for videotaping police arresting his friend on a public sidewalk in Connecticut last month.

Kenneth Hartford, a student at Quinnipiac University, was charged with disorderly conduct and interfering with an investigation.

The video shows that he was merely observing, which is his right.

New Haven police spokesman Officer Joe Avery told The Quinnipiac Chronicle that Hartford “kept interfering with officers and was asked to back off” and that he was screaming at the officers.

The video shows the unproffesionalism was actually coming from the officers.

When one of the first officers first learned he was being videotaped, he performed a mocking dance for the camera, then later told Hartford to “back away or you’re going to jail.”

Another officer tells Hartford to “put that in your fucking pocket and get the fuck out of here.”

Hartford’s friend, Ryan Lally, was charged with disturbing the peace because he was trying to enter a club with a bloody finger.

Police are refusing to release the arrest report, telling local media that they cannot do so until after the trial.

My bet is that they are not doing so because they know it will contradict what we see on the video.