Jeremy Jojola, investigative reporter for KOB-TV in New Mexico, once again proved the importance of knowing your rights and standing up for them when confronted by police.

Jojola was at a scene where investigators were attempting to recover the body of man who had been swept away in the rushing water of an arroyo after a heavy downpour.

Jojola and his news crew were ordered three times throughout the day to move their live truck from public areas. Three times they complied as a “favor and a courtesy,” as Jojola explained on his blog.

The fourth time, they did not comply.

The fourth time I wasn’t having it after we were told to stay in a certain area far from the active scene and from other public areas.

It was obvious the Incident Commander didn’t want media coverage of the scene. Too bad. He’s not the king of New Mexico and he obviously doesn’t understand the First Amendment and rights of the free press spelled out in both the State and Federal Constitution.

In the above video, you can see how Jojola refused the order without losing his professionalism.

He ended up talking to the local fire chief, who informed him that they were concerned that they would videotape the actual body, which is still not against the law, even though something like that is rarely aired on network news.

The chief let them stay where they were.

Jojola reported a similar incident on his blog last July.