A man who had been taking photos of the USS Yorktown – a decommissioned aircraft carrier in South Carolina that is considered a National Historic Landmark – said he was contacted at his unlisted phone number by the Homeland Security Office of the U.S. Coast Guard and questioned about his photography.

Carey Friedman, who posted his story on Flickr, said the person contact him also contacted his father, asking for copies of the photos he took.

Friedman said he is considering complying with their request.

I know legally, i don’t have to give them up without a warrant (i am a lawyer), but i also know they could get a warrant pretty easily. Don’t want to start a whole legal discussion, as much as a photographer’s one. I am pretty ticked about the prospect of now being on a watch list and possibly having to turn over my “art” when there is no real reasonable suspicion, other than the time of day.

Friedman, who lives in Richmond, Virginia, was on vacation in Charleston when the incident took place. He said he was confronted by a marina security guard who didn’t seem to have a problem with him taking photos.

It wasn’t until the following morning that he and his father were contacted.

He didn’t mention anything about the security guard asking for his personal information but we can assume this took place because how else would they know whom to contact?

If I were him, I would post the photos on my Flickr account, along with his story and ensuing comments, and send that the Coast Guard. But it doesn’t appear he has posted the photos yet.