A man who was videotaping the former governor of Oregon making a speech inside a church was assaulted after he refused to stop filming.

The man claims it was a public meeting even though it was taking place inside the Emmanuel Temple Church in Portland.

He describes it on Youtube as a “Meet and Greet” where voters would get to hear former Democratic Governor John Kitzhaber speak. Kitzhaber served from 1995 to 2003 and is running for governor again this November.

The Urban League of Portland organized the event. A local TV station, KOIN Local 6, also took part in organizing the event.

For illogical reasons that are not apparent, a moderator told members of the audience that they would not be allowed to videotape the speech.

The man continued videotaping and it wasn’t long before he was confronted by a couple of men who sat on both sides of him. One of them was wearing a name tag identifying him as being from the African American Alliance, but they came across more like the African American Mafia.

The man on his left grabbed at his camera, then the man on his right punched his camera into his face – an incident that was caught on another camera from across the room. The videographer was left with a scar on his nose.

The man videotaping is possibly named Mike, if he is the same person in the video below that was obtained from the same Youtube channel. In that video, you can see the guy clearly opposes Kitzhaber and is trying to grill him with questions, something every politician should expect when running for office.

His actions end up concerning some of Kitzhaber’s people who try their best to shield the candidate from the videographer. At this point, they don’t have an issue with him videotaping the exchange as much as they do him drilling the candidate.

You can also see several people with cameras in the crowd not being harassed.

I think it’s obvious that the only reason they suddenly announced that videography was not allowed was because they feared Mike would somehow use the video against the governor. But it was a public forum even if it was in a private church. The event was free and open to the public and the candidates had no expectation of privacy, especially of anything they are saying on stage.