Savannah police arrested a woman after an altercation involving a Flip camera.

The woman, who goes by Momma Ally but is referred to as Ms. Shoaf on the police report, is accused of “aggressively sticking a Flip camcorder” in the face of a female officer named Peterson.

Part of the incident was captured in the top video.

The second video is an interview by Tarrin Lupo where Shoaf explains her version of the story.

The police version of the story is below in a cut-and-paste from the police report.

Essentially, police were harassing a homeless man when Shoaf walked up to him to see if he was ok. The officers ordered her to move away from him, so she pulled out the camera.

Suddenly the officers lost interest in the homeless man and came after her.

Shoaf says the officer was overly aggressive with her and that is confirmed in the police report.

Ms Shoaf had the camera in my face and I was using my hand to push it aside.

The officer claims Shoaf walked towards her in an aggressive manner but the video shows the opposite.

Regardless, now Shoaf is being charged with obstruction by hindering, obstruction by resisting and simple battery on a law enforcement officer.

The arrest report was initially posted on Red D.’s Blog.

On 9-4-10 at 0056 I responded to 502 w Bay St. as a back up officer to OFC. Peterson for a subject stop. While dealing with those two subjects, Ms. Shoaf began walking toward the male that was standing closest to me. As she was walking towards the subject, I advised her not to come over. Ms. Shoaf ignored my command and continued to walk toward the subject and asked if he was okay. I told Ms. Shoaf to leave the area multiple times and she ignored my commands. I had to step between Ms.Shoaf and the subject, put my arms between them and physically remove her.

Ms. Shoaf took a step back in order to record me, aggressively sticking a Flip camcorder in my face. I told her to leave and began walking toward her because she would not leave the area. Ms Shoaf had the camera in my face and I was using my hand to push it aside. Ms Shoaf stopped, took a step toward me and shoved me. Because of the way Ms Shoaf was moving her arms around in an attempt to record me I could not get ahold of her arms; I grabbed her hair and pulled her toward the ground in an attempt to get her lowered and off balance as I tried to find somewhere to grab her to gain control. During this time SCpl Wilson was giving MsShoaf verbal commands to put her hands behind her back and told her she was under arrest.

I was able to get Ms Shoaf pushed up against the wall of the store, she was pushing back trying to come off the wall. OFC Peterson saw Ms Shoaf use her forearm against my chest/shoulder area to shove me backwards so she could throw her video camera to her boyfriend. OFC Peterson came to assist in taking Ms shoaf into custody. Ms shoaf continued to struggle with me and OFC Peterson before OFC Peterson was eventually able to get her to the ground using his body weight. Ms Shoaf continued to struggle with us and kept tucking her hands under her. After struggling with her on the ground, I stated she would be tased if she did not comply. Ms Shoaf still struggled but we were able to get her hands behind her and cuff her. SCPL Wilson retrieved the video camera and I logged it into the property room.

Ms shoaf would not give her name or any information, just gave her lawyers name and stated we were not allowed to talk to her without her lawyer. The only things she did say was “fuck you” and “you’ll be sorry” Ms Shoaf was transported to CCDC, charged with Obstruction by Hindering (16-10-24), Obstruction by resisting (16-10-24) and simple battery on LEO (16-5-23 (E)).

Once at the jail, I had to instruct Ms Shoaf to exit the vehicle. I told her to turn and walk to the jail door, she stood and did not move, I told her several more times, but she did not move. I had to hook her under the arm and use my body to make her walk to the door. When the door opened, I instructed her to walk in and go to the right. It took two commands before I again had to hook her under her arm and use my body to make her go into the jail because she would not follow my commands to go inside. I told her to go to the last red box at the end, she stopped at the first one, I again told her to go to the end and again she did not comply; I had to hook her under the arm and use my body to make her walk to the end of the intake office. She suffered minor abrasions to her knee and elbow during the struggle. At the time of the incident Ms Shoaf refused to give her information and was booked into CCDC as Jane Doe. Ms Shoaf’s identity was learned later.