$612 but will sold at 50 percent off to the first five customers.

Canon Digital SLR Camera – EOS Rebel XS 18-55IS Kit

Canon PowerShot S90 sells for $463 but is now going for 50 percent off to the first five customers

The Open Sky Project is offering a 50 percent discount on any of the products I sell at my store for the first five customers that jump on the deal.

Customers must choose a product, then use FIFTYPHOTO as a coupon code to capitalize on the deal.

The coupon code will be valid until the end of the month.

Open Sky is still working on getting more camera distributors, so the choices are limited when it comes to camera-related items. Nikons have not yet appeared.

But there are other items as well. And at 50 percent off, how can you go wrong?

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