Photographer Dave Cross was looking to take some photos near the light rail system in downtown San Jose when he was stopped by a sheriff’s deputy.

“Excuse me, sir,” the deputy told him. “What are you taking pictures of?”

Cross, a senior developer at the National Association of Photoshop Professionals, told him of nothing in particular, according to the story on his site.

The deputy then ordered him to hand over his camera because he was suspected of terrorism.

Just kidding!

No, the deputy turned out to be a photographer who advised him to photograph city hall.

“Well you might want to check out City Hall – it has won awards for architecture and it’s a really interesting spot to photograph”

The deputy’s name was Robert Eng. He told Cross he had just joined NAPP.

Eng, if you’re reading this, please make an effort to educate your fellow deputies about photographers’ rights. It will make everybody’s life much easier.