Photo outside the Lancaster Police Department that got Jack Myers detained

By Carlos Milller
Jack Myers, a self-described art photographer from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, was strolling down a sidewalk late last month when he came across the entry to the carport of the Lancaster Police Department.

Figuring it would make an interesting photo, he took a few shots and continued walking.

He didn’t get 50 feet when a cop car pulled up.

“He told me, ‘we have cameras along the building and we saw you taking pictures,” Myers said in an interview with Photography is Not a Crime.

“He said, ‘I need to see your ID … you could be a terrorist.’”

As Myers was explaining that he was taking the photos for his art, the officer scribbled his personal information down on a white card.

“Then another cop pulled up and he was like the bad cop, a little more disdainful,” Myers said.

“That cop told me I could be taking photos for somebody to drive up with a truckful of explosives.”

Myers was ordered to show them his photos.

He was released after 15 minutes.

“What gets me is that it’s right across the street from an art school,” he said.

“There are tons of people doing all kinds of artistic expression around this building.”

Below is the same carport obtained from Google Earth within seconds. Not as pretty as Myers’ picture but detailed enough – and a lot more discrete – for planning a terrorist act against the police department.

That is, if you’re too lazy to drive by there yourself to check it out with your own eyes.

The same carport entry obtained within seconds from Google Earth (click to enlarge).