Jeremy Jojola, an investigative reporter for KOB-TV in New Mexico and a regular reader of Photography is Not a Crime, was working on a story in front of the emergency room of an Albuquerque hospital when a security guard told him he was not allowed to film there.

Jojola, who was standing on the sidewalk, told the security guard he was standing on public property.

The guard called the local sheriff’s department and deputy ended up telling Jojola to move across the street because he was “jeopardizing the investigation.”

Where have I heard that one before?

Oh, that’s right, the Miami-Dade police officer who was dispatched to the Metrorail because we were taking photos told me the same thing at 2:54 into the video.

But Jojola held his ground and the deputy ended up backing down

“It’s better if you’re across the street, but if you’re on public land, you’re on public land,” the deputy responded before walking away with the security guard in tow.

The video is a perfect example that if we assert our rights in a courteous and professional manner, there is that rare chance a law enforcement officer might listen.