Calgary police were unable to make an arrest in a home invasion that left an elderly couple hospitalized.

So they arrested a Calgary Sun news photographer instead.

Veteran photojournalist Jim Wells was arrested after getting into a verbal altercation with a police officer who told him he was not allowed to photograph the crime victims.

Wells was standing on a public sidewalk and continued taking photos.

Witness said the cop shoved Wells, according to the newspaper.

Sue Nand saw the altercation between Wells and a police officer, who attempted to stop the photographer from taking more pictures.

Wells was “just doing his job” and the cop was “overly aggressive,” she said.

“It’s not right, just because you’re a cop, that doesn’t mean you can do anything.

“They got really loud and really close to each other, like face to face, and all of sudden (the officer) just pushed (Wells).

“He got some bruises, he was right in the concrete.”

While the Calgary Sun states that Wells was charged with obstruction, it also states that police were unable to say what he was being charged with.

Jose Rodriguez, the Sun’s Editor-in-Chief, said the paper is eager to hear the police department’s side of the story.

“What I’ve heard from our photographer makes it sound like he was in the process of doing his job on public property without any hindrance to emergency personnel,” Rodriguez said.