I’ve been watching the video of the Seattle cop punching a teenage girl in the face over the last two days and many people will be surprised by what I’m going to say.

She had it coming to her.

This is not to say that the cop in question couldn’t have shown more restraint.

And it begs the question as to why was he trying to handcuff her in the first place if it was just for a jaywalking incident, which some sources are saying, it wasn’t even her who was jaywalking.

But if you’re going to fight a cop, then don’t be surprised if you get punched, tased, bludgeoned, pounced on and kicked by a multitude of cops or just pumped full of lead.

Once you get into a physical altercation with a cop, the rules go out the window.

If you walk up to a cop and shove him hard as the girl did in the video, you give him the green light to destroy you.

This is a completely different scenario from the various other videos I’ve posted here that show cops tasing people who pose no threat and kicking them once they are handcuffed to even shooting and killing them while they are laying flat on their stomach as they did to Oscar Grant. And let’s not even get into the unprovoked assaults on cyclists.

It doesn’t even come close to the incident where a King County sheriff deputy viciously beat up a teenage girl for tossing a shoe in his direction.

In this incident, he was clearly on the verge of losing control of the situation. The punch allowed him to regain control.

The video once again proves the importance and necessity of allowing people to videotape these incidents because a single video clip can be more evidential than a series of witness interviews.