Police say the dog was acting vicious. The video shows the dog acting frightened.

The video also shows police shooting the dog twice, killing it.

The video shows Cammi, an American bulldog, dying as it wagged its tail.

Now police in LaGrange, Missouri are feeling an onslaught of criticism from dog lovers and police critics throughout the country.

It was only last month when cops from Columbus, Missouri raided a family’s home – killing the family dog and terrorizing their children – only to recover a pipe with marijuana resin.

That incident was also caught on video although the actual killing of the dog could only be heard, not seen.

Naturally, police said that dog was about to attack the officers, so they feared for their lives and had no choice but to kill it.

But in this video, it is very clear that the dog posed absolutely no threat to the officers.

In fact, the dog was already chained to a trailer so it wasn’t posing any threat to anybody who wasn’t in its immediate distance.

And even if somebody was within its immediate distance, it didn’t appear as if it would do anything but allow itself to be petted.

Except, of course, if you approach it with a catch pole as one of the officers tried doing.

Anybody who has owned a dog can attest that the dog was acting as some dogs do when you try to giving them a bath. It was just very reluctant of getting handled by the officers.

It never bared its teeth. It never barked. And it never lunged at the officers.

However, both cops had their guns pulled on the dog, even though it was chained to a trailer.

One cop shot the dog in its head. And as it lay dying, wagging its tail, the cop fired again, putting an end to the wagging tail.

Police tried to justify the killing by saying Cammi was a pitbull – as if that would have made a difference in this case.