It was last Memorial Day Weekend where I ended up going to jail for photographing a Miami Beach police officer against his wishes.

I was one of 548 people arrested that weekend which is an extraordinary number considering most of the arrests take place within an area that is 12 blocks long and two blocks wide.

And this year, the Miami Beach Police Department, along with 15 outside police agencies, will be donning the streets again arresting anybody who even looks at them the wrong way.

I wrote a lengthy piece on Miami Beach 411 about what locals and visitors can expect this weekend on Miami Beach.

And I might head out there on Saturday to take some pictures and shoot some video. This time, the video camera will remain on me throughout the night.

Last year, I had put it away and was focusing only on still photos because I had spent the afternoon shooting video.

If they’re going to harass me, I’m going to get it on video. And that includes you, Officer David Socarras.

And speaking of the Miami Beach Police Department. Remember that cop who shot and killed two unarmed men in the space of four days?

He was just arrested for operating a marijuana grow house in his home.

They sure do know how to pick them, don’t they?