While many people would argue that Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour had every right to remove a newspaper photographer from a restaurant during the filming of a commercial because it was a private venue, we can’t forget that the commercial was being funded by the taxpayers of that state.

And we most definitely can’t ignore the fact that a state trooper threatened this photographer with arrest outside the venue.

It all started in the courtyard of Mary Mahoney’s restaurant in Biloxi on Friday where Barbour was filming a commercial with his wife

John Fitzhugh, a photojournalist who works at the Sun Herald in Southern Mississippi, was on the grounds taking pictures.

Barbour said he “wanted the set as quiet as possible” so he had his press secretary remove Fitzhugh.

Then once Fitzhugh was outside the venue, a state trooper threatened him with arrest if he dared take one more photo of the building.

And apparently Fitzhugh did as he was told.

Had that been me, I would snapped away and allowed me to arrest me. I’m stubborn like that.