The Los Angeles photographer who was facing felony charges for photographing a trio of graffiti artists at work has been cleared of all charges.

Thankfully, common sense prevails in some courtrooms.

The judge even ordered a court order for the release of his camera gear, which police have been holding as “evidence” since his February arrest.

However, LAPD is still refusing to return his gear, according to PDNPulse.

When Lara went to the police station to retrieve his equipment the police were “really pissed off,” he says, and attempted to question him further about the February 2 incident.

Koury (his attorney) says it is just a case of “cops being a little bit stubborn.” He expects Lara should have his gear back in a day or so.

Fortunately for Lara, he ended up with a lawyer that was not afraid to fight the system because he previously had a public defender who appeared to want to hang him out to dry. He ended up raising enough funds for a retainer.

And the Kavinoky Law Firm agreed to represent him for a fraction of what they normally charge. And attorney Joel Koury went in with “guns blazing.”

Lara first met with and hired The Kavinoky Law Firm yesterday afternoon. The firm, which typically commands retainers in the five figures, agreed to represent Lara for far less “because we were pissed off,” Koury says. “It was ridiculous that [a photojournalist] would find himself in that position.”

“We’re not talking about some gang member, we’re talking about an actual photojournalist,” Koury says he told the prosecutor. “Just because a photojournalist takes a picture of someone committing a crime does not turn the photographer into a criminal,” he adds.