It was just over a year ago that Adam Mueller was arrested in Mississippi for photographing cops against their wishes.

Today, he is operating Cop Block, a website documenting police abuses.

If enough of us who get wrongly arrested start websites, maybe we’ll start seeing some changes in police attitudes.

But that is the point of the contest Mueller is hosting on his blog. To educate his readers on how to handle confrontations with police when you are not breaking the law.

The requirements for the contest are below:

  • Film police conducting their duties
  • Submit to Cop Block; I’ll discuss how below
  • Do not post your video on line before contacting Cop Block

The submissions will be judged on content (what’s actually going on in the video), how the videographer handles themselves (as we’d like this to be educational) and quality of video (though the CB team is willing to assist in editing).

    The deadline to submit videos is June 7th. I’ve agreed to be one of the judges.

    Although Mueller launched Cop Block only a couple of months ago, he has managed to produce some good content. It’s definitely worth checking out.