Photo by Grant Smith

Despite assurances from British police that they are not out to harass photographers, they continue to do so.

The latest incident occurred Monday morning when an architectural photographer named Grant Smith was physically restrained while photographing a building in London.

It was the second time he was harassed since December.

In Monday’s incident, the officers confiscated his camera and cell phone, then searched his pockets while restraining his arms.

This is how he explains it on his blog:

A police van with flashing lights sped out of Wood Street and eyeballed me, fixing my position. Uniformed police approached me from both directions.

I continued walking and photographing. PC 374 walked towards me and greeted me with a cheery ‘Hello’.

I responded in like fashion and continued to walk on as he spoke into his radio.

He stopped me with his hand firmly on my chest. I asked if I was being detained.

‘I’d just like a word with you.’

Am I being detained?

‘Yes you are.’

Under what grounds? ‘Section 44(2) of the Terrorism Act.

They released Smith after reviewing his drivers license. And eventually returned his camera and cell phone.

Now Smith is threatening to sue.