Remember that San Francisco cop who threatened to break a kid’s arm “like a twig” last year in an incident caught on video?

Well that cop is also accused of beating a man who dared to videotape him while he was beating another man in a 2008 incident.

Noel Schwab was one of several cops beating up a man in downtown San Francisco when Noah Booher came across the melee and began filming. That prompted Schwab to take a breather from the man he was beating to approach Booher.

Schwab demanded his identification. When Booher showed him his identification, Schwab began “punching Booher in the torso,” according to the San Francisco Examiner.

Another officer, Angus Chambers, then hit Booher from behind and helped throw him to the cement “face first,” according to court documents. Another three officers then “joined in the beating with fists, knees, kicks and elbows for several minutes” as Booher’s sister watched.

“He got very badly injured as a consequence,” said Booher’s attorney, Nancy Hersh. “He’s a very skinny, nice boy. While those physical wounds have healed, he’s afraid of police officers now.”

Booher filed a federal lawsuit, which is about to be settled out of court. No word on how much he will receive, but it’s probably a healthy sum.

Unfortunately, it does nothing to prevent Schwab from beating more citizens.