The New York City Police Department continued its war against bicyclists on none other than Earth Day when officers began cutting locks and confiscating bikes out of fear they would be used to kill the president.

The bikes were seized along East Houston Street in Lower Manhattan where President Barack Obama’s motorcade was going to be passing through.

It is not clear how they expected the bikes to be used as weapons, but I would image a simple bomb-sniffing dog would have cleared the threat without as much trouble. And arrogance.

Furthermore, if the cops really thought the bikes contained bombs, would they really be carting them off to the precinct?

Some of the seizures were caught on video.

No warning was given to bike owners prior to the removal and the only indication of how to reclaim the bikes was a handwritten note stating, “Retrieve Bikes from 7th Precinct,” according to The New York Times.

Peter F. Vallone Jr., the chairman of the City Council’s Public Safety Committee, fired off a letter to Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly, asking the following questions:

• Why did this occur?

• How often does this occur?

• What alternatives were considered but not used?

• What type of notice was given to the community?

• When and where were the bikes available for retrieval?

• Was this action based on any specific threat?

“Thank you for your courtesy and cooperation and I look forward to your response.”

He has yet to receive a response.