And yet another confirmation that we, as citizens, have every right to tell cops to fuck off.

The latest proof comes from Kansas where the Olathe Police Department was ordered to dish out $5,000 to a man they cited after he said “fuck you” to a cop while flipping him off.

Scott Schaper was cited for contempt of cop, otherwise known as disorderly conduct.

Schaper will keep $4,000 and another $1,000 will go to the ACLU who represented him.

The Olathe Police Department will also be required to train their officers that they are not allowed to cite or arrest people who tell them to fuck off.

Courts nationwide have long held that when it comes to such cases, “saying (f… you) and using one’s middle finger to express discontent or frustration is expressive of conduct protected by the First Amendment,” said Doug Bonney, legal director for the ACLU Chapter of Kansas and Western Missouri.

Olathe police referred all questions to a city spokesman, who simply said, “we will learn from it and go forward.”

The Olathe Police Department actually got off easy. Last year, a Pittsburgh man was awarded $50,000 after he was cited for disorderly conduct for flipping off a cop.

In the recent case, Schaper flipped the cop off after he was given a ticket for failing to yield at a stop sign. He apparently did so because he was taking his children to school and the traffic stop made them cry.

Earlier this year, an Oregon man sued after he was pulled over twice for flipping off cops. That case is still pending.

Personally, I don’t believe it’s professional or polite to go around flipping off cops. But I also know it’s not illegal.

Maybe one day will police will also learn that it’s not illegal.